We stayed at st.marys church in the longsledde valley in Cumbria on may the 13th.It was wonderful!!. peaceful, very pretty.The church was surprisingly not that cold at night and having access to the community hall across the road was great for cooking.The lack of WiFi and the fact that it was ‘in the middle of nowhere’ was really good for us as a family-mummy couldn’t look at her phone and older child had to interact and not play Minecraft!.So peaceful that although the grown ups took wine they fell asleep listening to the sheep and nearby running stream and never got to the wine.The local man who looks after the champers was very friendly and helpful.Even my midnight trip to the loo across the graveyard was surprisingly serene, rising mists and a few surprised sheep..Only thing I’ll say is if you’ve got kids…. churches have no curtains or blinds..they’ll be awake early, very early(just as well we never got to the wine).Gosh better stop, we loved it!

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